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Sarasota Court Reporters is a ‘referral based business’, and our customer’s 100% satisfaction is paramount to our ongoing growth and continued success. We understand that an open line of communication and dedication to our clients are key components to ensuring continued customer loyalty.


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Sarasota Court Reporters

Sarasota Court Reporters is a locally owned, full-service court reporting company with a strong reputation for delivering accurate and dependable legal services. For decades, we have been the trusted partner for attorneys, law firms, and businesses in Sarasota and the Southwest Florida area. With our commitment to excellence and our skilled team, we provide a wide range of court reporting services using the latest technology to ensure secure and efficient delivery.

At Sarasota Court Reporters, we understand the importance of capturing every detail of legal proceedings. Our experienced team of court reporters is dedicated to providing the highest level of service. We specialize in various areas, including Expert Witness Testimony, Depositions, Interactive Real-Time Reporting, Videography & Videoconferencing, Interpretation, and Translations. By staying up-to-date with industry advancements, we leverage the latest tools and techniques to deliver accurate and comprehensive reports.

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Practice Areas

Sarasota Court Reporting provides support for more than 100,000 depositions every year. We have extensive experience in all litigation practice areas.



Commercial Finance

Family Law


Intellecual Property IP



Products Services

Workers Compensation

Reporting Services

Experienced Court Reporters

Our reporters on average have 15+ years of on-the-job experience.

Interactive Real-Time Reporting

Real-time transcription is a valuable tool during a deposition, allowing attorneys to read the transcript, commentate, issue


Sarasota Court Reporting shoots all aspects of videography in HD – recordings, synchronization, transcription and streaming.


Videoconferencing is a valuable, cost-saving tool when it’s not possible or efficient to have everyone in one room. Connect as many remote locations as needed, and record the conference for fast and easy future access to your deposition when needed. Our videoconference rooms are equipped with high definition video screens as well as high quality phone systems to provide our clients full-service videoconferencing.

Complimentary Zoom Depositions

Reporting Services

Whether your case is a simple, two-party dispute or a complicated multi-party case covering numerous jurisdictions, with many parties and long-term deposition needs – regardless of size, Sarasota Court Reporting will ensure that you’re provided with the professional support needed. We’re proud to serve you locally or nationally, no matter the scope – each case is unique, important, and must be executed with thorough, professional care. Sarasota Court Reporters will handle the details, so that you can win your case.

Anytime, anywhere, we’ve got you covered

Sarasota Court Reporters provides you with the resources of a global firm, with access to conference rooms and videoconference locations wherever you need to be. We look forward to supporting you wherever your deposition takes place, with the kind personal service of a locally owned and operated company.

What Our Customers Say

“Sarasota Court Reporter’s dedication to top-notch court reporting rocks! Whether you need a court reporter, videographer or interpreter locally or outside the area, they are always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Great group of professionals to work with!”

Malora Shaw
Certified Paralegal to John Chapman, Esquire – Sarasota, FL

“Any time our office is setting depositions I immediately turn to Sarasota Court Reporter’s for all of our needs. Not only is the staff professional but they also do everything within their power to accommodate our needs. Sarasota Court Reporter’s is always willing to jump in to help and is consistently the most friendly reporters I have come across.”

CJ Brown
Paralegal – Tampa, FL

“Our firm has been using Sarasota Court Reporter’s for the past 9 years because of the excellent service they provide. Our office frequently handles out of the area cases. They assist in setting up out of town depositions, eliminating the concern for the reliability of the out of town reporter. They also arrange for a professional ideographer when one is needed, and I have also used their services in transcribing recorded interviews. Transcripts are delivered quickly, which is something that is essential to our business. The work quality is bar none. Do not hesitate to use Sarasota Court Reporter’s, you won’t regret it. Our office won’t use anyone else.”

Cathy Anzurez
Paralegal – Sarasota, FL