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We pride ourselves on being fastidious and kind, providing the personal service you deserve in your pending case. Built from the ground up by founder and current CEO Betsy Ridenour, our locally owned business grew slowly by word of mouth. Preparing excellent documentation and reports helped Sarasota Court Reporters blossom as each grateful client would tell a new client, enabling us to expand our services.

Today, most of our offices are located in Florida, but we have the ability to work nationwide, no matter where you or your witnesses may be located. With ample conference rooms and videoconference availability, we can reach you anywhere to produce depositions and other varying court reporting requirements you may have.

About Us

Sarasota Court Reporters’ principles are simple: we strive to produce the most accurate depositions and reporting, along with constantly seeking new and innovative technology to keep our court reporting as advanced as possible.

In today’s world, everything is going digital, and that includes court reporting as well. We offer digital and on-the-go equipment to help facilitate your needs, including e Discovery to aid in retrieving all necessary online information you require for your specific case.

With social distancing becoming more routine, Sarasota Court Reporters also offer multiple types of virtual recordings, such as videoconferencing and virtual depositions. Videoconferencing can be set up in one of our conference rooms, then connected with any number of people required, allowing you to complete transcriptions and testimony quickly without crowding a conference room.

Virtual depositions can be completed anywhere, allowing you to watch from your device as the testimony is taken live, with Real-Time text available from our transcribers so you can follow along. It’s the closest thing to actually being there, while still including all the essentials, allowing you to still work your case effectively even if you can’t be there physically.

With services including depositions, videoconferencing, reporting, videography, transcripts and expert witness testimony, we supply all of your litigation needs, saving you time and money to focus on the case itself. Since we make customer service our number one priority, we’ve been able to flourish as our referral based business delivers experience and quality.

Who Attorneys Turn To

We have proven over the years that attorneys will receive only detail-oriented, expert work from us. We know that precise depositions are a key factor to winning cases, and that’s why attorneys turn to us to provide them the accurate materials and recordings in order to seek justice. We also offer expedited, same day transcription productions upon request.

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If you’re in need of legal assistance in getting dependable documents and reporting done, Court Reporters Sarasota office can assist you. We provide the confidentiality you expect and deserve in preparation of your documents and case information. Call or connect with us today!