If you’ve been looking for “court reporters near me”, you are in the right place. Court reporting has been around for decades. You have probably seen a court reporter at work in real life or in a movie but didn’t recognize them as court reporters.

They are an essential part of court proceedings since they record everything for future reference.


Who Is A Court Reporter?

A court reporter is an individual who has the skills to convert spoken word to written content. They acquire listening and typing skills through thorough training.

Court reporters in Sarasota transcribe what is spoken during legal proceedings, as well as keep records of anything that happened during the proceedings.

They are also called stenographers, a term that stems from the machine they use to record the happenings of legal proceedings. What they do is so vital that it is admissible in court as evidence.

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What Do Court Reporters In Sarasota Do?

Court reporters in Sarasota, Florida can do several things using their unique skills. Some of the things they do are:


Recording During Court Proceedings

Court reporters in Sarasota are tasked with transcribing court proceedings. They write down, or rather type, using a stenotype machine everything that happens or is said in court.

They record who said what in full verbatim, meaning they do not edit anything; instead, they record or transcribe the proceedings word for word. Due to this rule, their transcripts are relieved to be accurate enough to be used as evidence.


Recording Depositions

In some legal cases, not everyone can go to court. Some people give their testimonies from home or other places, and some witnesses also give statements and testimonies away from court.

In such cases, lawyers will be present, and court reporters in Sarasota, Florida, will also be present to transcribe the testimonies and statements, just as they would in a courtroom.


Captioning For TV

Due to their exceptional skills to; type super-fast, listen and type simultaneously, and type accurately, court reporters in Sarasota also work outside the legal scene. They make perfect candidates for captioners on live TV. Their speed makes them perfect, guaranteeing accuracy.


Who Do Court Reporters in Sarasota Work For?

There are various categories when it comes to who court reporters in Sarasota work for:


Legislative Courts

Legislative court reporters work for the government. They transcribe legislatures and other cases related to the US congress. They, therefore, need to understand the respective jargon.


As Freelancers

Freelancer court reporters do not work for specific people; rather, they can work for anyone; the court or individuals, during arbitrations as long as there is no conflict of interest.


As Official Court Reporters 

Official court reporters in Sarasota work for the court. They transcribe legal proceedings in the courtroom without bias.


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