Do you need the best court reporting firm in Sarasota? We are excited you have found us! Litigation does not create allowances for error, thus selecting a reputable firm is critical. At Sarasota Court Reporter, we understand that clients desire court reporting services delivered promptly and with the highest accuracy. Regardless of what your case may be, our highly trained and experienced team is always on standby to help you with any court services you need to win your case!

Our Court Reporting

Services In Sarasota Location

We pride ourselves on delivering the best services. As a result of our commitment to the highest quality services, we have earned an outstanding reputation as one of the leading Sarasota court reporting services. Here are two of our excellent reputations you can bank on:

  • Commitment To Privacy- We understand how essential security and privacy are to you. This knowledge helps us to commit to the highest standards of data privacy and security. Also, we have adequate measures in place to make sure we comply with the HIPAA standards.
  • Certified Court Reporters- Our team upholds our high standards for reliability and accuracy. They are certified and possess extensive experience in handling real-time court reporting and other types of court reporting. Undoubtedly, our network of experienced professionals helps us get your job done accurately!


Litigation Services

We go beyond primary reporting services. Other litigation services include:

    1. Real-Time Court Reporting- We do this to save time and enhance efficiency.
    2. Video Services- The utilization of video in litigation keeps growing. Our professionals here offer high-quality video services that include:
      • Videography
      • Synchronization and Production
    3. Live Web Streaming- This allows members of your legal team to meet remotely.
    4. Case Management- We are dedicated to helping you handle all the logistical details of the reporting. 
    5. E-transcripts- With this, you are allowed access to and share transcripts anywhere, round-the-clock, including secure access to video and audio files.
    6. Modern Conference Rooms- Our conference rooms in Sarasota are fully equipped with technology and the highest comfort you need. Our attention to detail and logistics can take off the stress of searching and scheduling a space.


Why Request Our Services Today?

With the above qualities and impressive services listed above, you can be sure of only detail-oriented services from us. We will get you accurate recordings and materials that are needed to obtain justice. Also, if you need same-day transcription, our team has you covered! Language is not a barrier for our company, as we can translate nearly two hundred languages. Regardless of what your case may be, we have the knowledge and experience to complete any complex litigation services you encounter. With these mind-blowing characteristics, you can stop searching for the best court reporter now.

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If you are searching for highly trained and experienced court reporters in Sarasota, the professional team at Sarasota Court Reporter is ready to assist you. Our team offers the highest level of confidentiality you deserve in handling your case information and documents. For a consultation and further details, contact us now or visit our location at SARASOTA BUSINESS SUITES, on 677 North Washington Boulevard.

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