Court Reporting Near Sarasota 

Getting prepared and ready for court proceedings involves many steps, leaving you with little time to organize court reporters, videographers and any other legal assistance you may need. Sarasota Court Reporters have the experience in all litigation practice areas to give you the accurate documentation you need to succeed.


Court Reporting near Sarasota

We provide support for over 100,000 depositions each year, serving the Sarasota area as well as nationwide coverage. Many of our court reporters have been with us for years, giving you the intuitive expertise that only comes from full immersion in the legal field.

Our court reporting near Sarasota services include court proceedings, depositions, videoconferencing, 911 and telephone calls, interviews, arbitration meetings, hearings, focus groups and expert witness testimony. We understand that legal issues sometimes need to be resolved quickly, thus we also offer expedited, same day transcription services.

We also offer exhibit management, a great tool that allows easy access to your exhibit materials electronically. Here you can search, mark, annotate, and present multiple exhibits during a deposition with ease. You can present the exhibit in real time from any computer, tablet or mobile device, creating expert witness files quickly and efficiently. You can send them to your paralegal, co-counsel or expert if needed as well.

Our Practice Areas

We offer not only the usual personal injury and corporate law areas, but many other specialities as well. We help in cases of asbestos, construction and toxic torts where you need to seek justice for those individuals who were put into harm’s way. If your client’s case involves disputes over family death or divorce proceedings, we can handle all the family law, trust litigation and guardianship cases.

If your client is seeking justice for wrongful medical related issues such as malpractice suits and pharmaceutical cases, we have assisted with many of these cases previously. Your client may also be facing a patent dispute or following up on a product liability.

You may have a case involving a business or company, either representing or going against them for financial services, Worker’s compensations, commercial finances and even employment issues.

Our services don’t end there, though, as we have worked with other varying cases. We have assisted in providing documents with conflicts arising in mediations and even providing accommodations in arbitrations outside the courts. And if you’re facing a class action or mass tort case, we’ve helped with those too.



Court Proceedings



Arbitrations Meetings


Expert Witness Testimony

911 Calls

Telephone Calls

Focus Groups

Personal Injury

Corporate Law


Family Law

Trust Litigation

Class Action & Mass Tort

Medical Malpractice

Intellectual Property (IP)





Products Liability

Financial Services

Worker’s Compensation


Securities Fraud

Commercial Finance




Trusted in Court For Decades

Whether your case involves intellectual property or bankruptcy, Sarasota Court Reporters has you covered in litigation services. Our certified and experienced staff can smooth out the court proceedings, leaving you to focus on the case at hand. Decades of practical knowledge leaves most of our employees able to anticipate your needs. The level of trust we exude goes beyond what most other businesses can offer, helping us become your confidant in the courtroom.

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Let us lighten the burden of your case with expert execution and delivery of all court litigation materials you require to make an outstanding case. Sarasota Court Reporters is here for all your practice areas nationwide. Call us today! Or fill out our online submission form and a member of our court reporting near Sarasota team will get back to you within 24 hours.