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When it comes to depositions and court reporting services, we have seen a shift towards online platforms, and there is a rise in Zoom depositions. At Sarasota Court Reporters, we have efficiently adapted to this change and have equipped and trained our team.

Please keep reading to find out more about our legal reporting services and how we have incorporated Zoom depositions into our practices to make the most out of our cases.

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cases virtually

As mentioned above, we acknowledge the necessity for video reporting services and have successfully established ourselves in this regard. There is an added advantage of saving up on your travel and appearance fee when it comes to video code reporting services.

In most cases, many other expenditures are also reduced, such as the linked exhibit fee, after-hours fee, hidden production fee, viewing software fee, video, and text synchronization fee, and several others. This cost-saving is highly beneficial to the parties involved since court cases can sometimes put a heavy dent in their pockets.


Zoom Depositions

At Sarasota Court Reporting services, we do not believe in compromising the quality of our work. Despite the changing trends in court cases due to the shift to an online setting, we have maintained our standards. We strive to make sure that the quality of our work is top-notch with high accuracy. Even though this might sound like a challenging task, our team of professionals has made it seem smooth through their constant struggle and determination to achieve better results.

Even though the transition to an online setting has been hard upon most businesses and firms, we could still produce excellent quality work by maintaining efficient conversations with our clients. This stable and efficient communication proved very helpful since it provided us with information that we needed regarding the clients’ needs and what they expected from the case as it progressed.

If there were any changes in our methods or a different approach that the client would like to suggest, our constant contact with the client was able to keep us on board with it. Thus, we were able to make the necessary changes to maximize customer satisfaction.

Court Reporting Services

Whether your case is a simple, two-party dispute or a complicated multi-party case covering numerous jurisdictions, with many parties and long-term deposition needs – regardless of size, Sarasota Court Reporting will ensure that you’re provided with the professional support needed. We’re proud to serve you locally or nationally, no matter the scope – each case is unique, important, and must be executed with thorough, professional care. Sarasota Court Reporters will handle the details, so that you can win your case.

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Experienced Court Reporters

Our reporters on average have 15+ years of on-the-job experience. This degree experience and professionalism ensures you are receiving the highest quality support needed for your deposition. We take pride in helping our clients meet the challenging demands of trying and winning cases by ensuring that whatever the source material and whatever the situation, transcripts are ready when you need them.

Interactive Real-Time Reporting

Real-time transcription is a valuable tool during a deposition, allowing attorneys to read the transcript, commentate, issue code and interpret everything in Real-Time while taking a deposition. Our Real-Time reporters carry the Certified Real-Time Reporter (CRR) credential.


Sarasota Court Reporting shoots all aspects of videography in HD – recordings, synchronization, transcription and streaming. All our videographers carry the Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) credential.


Videoconferencing is a valuable, cost-saving tool when it’s not possible or efficient to have everyone in one room. Connect as many remote locations as needed, and record the conference for fast and easy future access to your deposition when needed. Our videoconference rooms are equipped with high definition video screens as well as high quality phone systems to provide our clients full-service videoconferencing.

Virtual Deposition

Without having to travel, virtual depositions allows you to remotely view Real-Time text as it is being transcribed by a court reporter while listening and watching live testimony. This is the closest thing to actually being there – delivered live, right to your device. It’s the most cost-effective way for you to participate in a deposition remotely.


Sarasota Court Reporting provides deposition interpreters for over 200 languages. Our team has the expertise and interpretation resources to provide our clients a complete written record. Whether the source material is an audio recording, video recording, or a a written document – our transcriptionists can transform it into useful evidence.


Sarasota Court Reporters’ team of professional translators can provide translation/transcription of written or audio content and translate/transcribe that same content into multiple languages. Our translation services include certified machine translations, so language is never an issue.

Expedited Transcripts

Sarasota Court Reporters’ services are available in standard 10 day or expedited same-day delivery upon your request.

Exhibit Management

This feature allows you to electronically manage, present, annotate and mark exhibits during a deposition. Manage multiple exhibits at a deposition digitally and display in real-time. Access previously marked exhibits electronically. Your exhibits are immediately accessible for annotating from your computer, mobile device or tablet.

Complex Litigation

Our case managers are dependable, organized communicators that will work closely with you to understand exactly what’s needed to develop a sound strategy while managing your cases. From start to finish, we will make sure your deposition is impeccable and produced properly.

Our Services

Court reporting is handled by our experienced and professional reporters, some of whom have 15+ years of completing transcripts. Our videographers shoot in HD, including all the recordings, synchronization, transcription, and streaming. Every videographer carries the Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) credential.

Our real-time reporters also carry the Certified Real-Time Reporter (CRR) credential, giving them an edge when it comes to interactive, in-the-moment reporting during depositions. You’ll be able to read the transcript, commentate, and issue code all right then and there for greater ease throughout the zoom depositions. We also offer expedited same-day transcription records along with our standard 10-day delivery.

Now more than ever, videoconferencing is vital in completing court cases. If you aren’t able to collect everyone in one group, or simply can’t have that many people that close together with social distancing, videoconferencing is the next best thing. Sarasota Court Reporters has a wide range of conference rooms to video from, connecting as many different locations as you need. Equipped with high definition video screens as well as quality phone systems, we can record your conference for easy access later on for depositions.

Virtual depositions can also be completed at our many conference rooms, saving you time and resources. The deposition will be recorded live, allowing you to watch live on your device, without having to be there physically. You can even read along with our Real-Time text as the transcriber is taking the testimony down.

We also offer exhibit management, which allows you to electronically manage, annotate, mark, and present exhibits throughout the deposition process. You can access these from any computer, mobile device, or tablet, and can send them easily to your paralegal, co-counsel, or expert.

Our Experience

Sarasota Court Reporters can translate up to 200 different languages. We can translate written, audio, or visual recordings with our resources to give you the complete record you need to win your case. And with our certified translation machines, we can easily transcribe any recordings to any language you may need. Language is no barrier when it comes to justice and exceptional work with Sarasota Court Reporters.

No matter what your case may be, we have the experience and knowledge to help you complete any complex litigation service you face. Our highly trained and diverse team will meet with you and collaborate on accomplishing the court services you require to win your case.

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In addition to carrying out zoom depositions, we also offer a variety of other court services. If “Court reporting services near me” was amongst your recent Google searches, we would highly advise you to give us a try! In addition to providing video court reporting services through zoom depositions, we also have various other court services that you might need. Despite the nature of your case, our team will always be at your disposal.

Contact us today and help us organize the zoom deposition that you need for your case. Save not just your time but also your money and allow yourself to entirely focus on your case without worrying about other things about the court services you are availing. You can reach out to us via our email address or call us now, and our team will answer any questions you have regarding the video and other court reporting services that we offer.

Conference Rooms

We provide our clients with complimentary, comfortable rooms at all of our Sarasota Court Reporter offices.

Our conference rooms of varying sizes are equipped with: ​

  • High-speed wifi
  • Complimentary on-site parking
  • Multiple conference rooms with seating for large proceedings
  • Complimentary snacks and lunch
  • Experienced, friendly staff onsite

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