Are you a court reporter or an attorney? You are likely aware of the new stream capabilities and LiveNote real-time feature of the case notebook.  But, how do you learn or master these new features to aid your court reporting process? We’ve written these tips to guide you! At Sarasota Court Reporters in Sarasota, we have long years of experience offering excellent services in preparing testimony, court documents, and other court litigation services. 

Downloading Livenote Realtime Of Case Notebook And Running It

If you don’t have the app on your laptop, the first step to take is to download the LiveNote Stream Manager on your real-time computer. You’d have to check if your computer matches the software requirement.  Also, you need to be aware that the app is free. So, it comes at no cost. And once you have the app on your laptop, you are ready to go! After downloading, if, as a court reporter, you are onsite with your lawyer, you’d have to click on the local stream option. However, if you are offsite with your lawyer, you’d need to click on the global stream option. Note that if you would be required to schedule a global stream, it should be done via LiveNote main website and should be a day in advance of the deposition.

Connecting With The Attorney

Ideally, as a reporter, you can connect with a lawyer via a network connection or wireless dongles. However, you should use a virtual port if you have the LiveNote Stream Manager and CAT software installed on the same device, and you aren’t using a serial port to connect your computer with the notebook. In some instances, without using a serial port, you might find it easier to connect your notebook to your LiveNote Stream, even if they are in the same place.

Common Problems During Connections

There are common problems a court reporter should anticipate when using the notebook. However, they can avert them if there is preparation! For instance, when a reporter connects as a guest to the law office’s Wi-Fi and the lawyer is connected directly to the firm, the lawyer would have trouble toggling out of the stream. To solve that, a reporter should speak with the law firm to be granted access to the internal network before the deposition date. We strongly recommend that a reporter download the software and check with the customer support center to test run. If the test shows that the setting for the LiveStream matches the CAT software on your system, the compatible setting should be set as default, and the reporter should be set to write to the notebook.

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