People inquire about the cost of hiring a court reporter for their depositions all the time. More often than not, the people who ask these questions are usually new to the field.

Before discussing how much court reporting services can cost, let us break down some legal terms for understanding.


Things To Know About Court Reporting Services

Legal Depositions

When we talk about depositions, we refer to the testimony of either a witness, a defendant, or a plaintiff. Before their depositions, individuals have to take an oath to speak the truth.


How Do Court Reporters Come Into Play?

During a deposition, everything is recorded for legal and investigative purposes. This is where the court reporter comes into play. A court reporter, or a court stenographer, stenographs the entire deposition. This is then transcribed for further use.


How Much Can It Cost To Hire A Court Reporter?

Finally, let’s get down to the main question: “How much can it cost to hire a court reporter?” There is no definitive one figure answer to this. However, we can give you a rough estimate. There are several components to the fees of court reporting services. Let’s take a glance at these different components.

First, the court reporter will charge an appearance fee. This appearance fee can either be a fixed amount or charged hourly. Next, the number of pages transcribed will decide the overall cost of the document. Usually, a per-page charge is applied to the overall transcribed document. Other costs might include the expenses of providing copies of the transcribed document, attaching exhibits, and any additional relevant charges.


Additional Charges

In addition to the reporting charges mentioned above, there will also be charges for copies of the document. Moreover, they will cost more if colored copies are needed. The party hiring the court reporter may also have to bear shipping costs of the transcribed document. If a client wants a condensed copy of the transcription, they will have to pay extra. Furthermore, if clients want keyword indexes or ASCII versions of the document, it would charge more. We advise you to make sure you inquire about all these charges before you hire court reporting services. 

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