The legal landscape and how we conduct depositions have evolved in the digital age. Sarasota Court Reporters is at the forefront of this change. 

We offer remote legal court reporting and digital court reporter services to ensure your legal proceedings go smoothly, no matter where you are.” 

With the rise of Zoom depositions and remote court reporting services, it’s crucial to understand the etiquette that comes with this territory. Let’s dive into the do’s and don’ts to help you navigate your subsequent remote deposition like a pro.

Do: Test Your Technology Beforehand


The cornerstone of a successful remote deposition is reliable technology. Ensure your internet connection is stable, and your audio and video equipment works correctly. 

A digital court reporter or court stenographer from us can guide you through setting up and testing your equipment before the deposition to avoid any technical hiccups.

Don’t: Overlook Your Background and Lighting

Your environment matters just as much as your technology. Choose a neutral, professional background and position yourself to be well-lit from the front. 

This setup helps maintain the formality of the deposition and ensures that all participants can see and hear you.

Do: Dress Professionally

Just because you’re not in a physical courtroom doesn’t mean you can skimp on professionalism. Dress as you would for an in-person deposition to show respect for the proceedings and other participants. 

We emphasize the importance of maintaining court etiquette, even in a virtual setting.

Don’t: Forget to Mute Yourself When Not Speaking

Background noise can be a significant distraction during Zoom depositions. Be courteous to others by muting your microphone when you’re not speaking. This simple action can significantly improve the audio quality for everyone involved and minimize disruptions.

Do: Use Proper Identification and Introductions

At the start of the deposition, clearly state your name and role. This practice is polite and crucial for the court-certified transcription services provided by Sarasota Court Reporters, ensuring accurate records of who said what during the proceedings.

Don’t: Interrupt Others

The slight delays common in video conferencing can lead to unintentional interruptions. Practice patience and wait for a clear pause before speaking to avoid talking over others. 

This respect for turn-taking is critical for the digital court reporter or court stenographer to capture an accurate transcript.

Do: Keep Documents Ready

If you plan to reference documents during the deposition, have them open and ready to share on your screen. 

Our remote court reporting services often include managing digital exhibits, so coordinate with your court reporter in advance for seamless integration.

Don’t: Neglect Privacy and Confidentiality

Ensure your deposition space is private and secure. Confidential information should not be at risk of being overheard or seen by unauthorized individuals. With us, your privacy and the integrity of the legal process are always top priorities.

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