With Covid-19 still impacting many cities and states nationwide, many businesses have had to get creative in meeting the needs of their clients. Some businesses were able to easily make changes and continue on, while others, like the world of law, had to make some significant changes as everything from start to finish involves face-to-face communication. Having your case revolve around a remote deposition that’s properly organized and ready can save your firm time and money. Here at Sarasota Court Reporter, our expert and accurate court reporters have been serving the Sarasota, Florida, area for decades. 


Getting Started

It can be a little overwhelming to start organizing a deposition remotely, thus it’s key to trust your court reporters with the details. Scheduling everything online, whether through email, live chat, an online scheduler, or over the phone, will ensure everyone is aware of the dates and times, including which time zone they happen to be in. The court reporters will take it from there, organizing the platform used for the deposition and recording. It’s important to know the routine, though, and what they will be doing in the background while you present your case. This can greatly aid you, especially when it comes to presenting case items and managing your exhibits. 


Remote Depositions 101

Virtual depositions are becoming the new norm in our world, with both Covid-19 and technological advances making it the go-to choice. Being able to fully participate in the moment while recording and presenting evidence across all of the individual participants was not possible even a few years ago. Here at Sarasota Court Reporter, we utilize Zoom depositions to get you the best video quality and interactive pieces there are, allowing you to focus on your case and not asking, “can you hear me?”. Our depositions include recording and live feeds to all participants involved in the case. We also utilize Real-Time text, which transcribes directly to you as it’s being taken down, allowing you to stay on pace and keep up. We will connect as many remote locations as needed, and provide high quality recordings of the deposition to you fast and efficiently, even offering expedited transcripts if requested. Our video conference rooms are equipped with state of the art, high definition video screens and high quality phone systems, ensuring everyone is heard directly and clearly. 


Exhibit Management 

We also feature exhibit management, which allows you the capability of managing and sharing all types of files and exhibits during and around your case. You are able to electronically manage, edit, annotate, and present exhibits during the deposition. Access previously marked exhibits, manage multiple exhibits at once, and display them all in real time. You can examine these exhibits from your tablet, laptop, or cell phone, making it easy and fast to get what you need and focus back on your case and the proceedings. 


Contact Us

No matter your case, Sarasota Court Reporter can assist in giving you the remote deposition tools you need to succeed. Our Sarasota court reporters are organized, dependable and have over a decade of experience. We will work with you to provide the best experience possible; from start to finish, we will ensure your deposition is impeccable and properly produced. Call us today!  

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